About Islands Fitness Center

Create a healthy lifestyleIslands Fitness is a family run fitness center owned and operated by Gordon and Amy Barth.  Their love of the Hawaiian Islands inspired the name and theme of the facility.  A water fountain and wall sized mural of palm trees and a beach greets each member as they walk through the door.  Your Hawaiian shirts are welcome here.

The music playing throughout the facility is usually classic oldies from the 50’, 60’s, and 70’s.  Classic rock is mixed into round things out.  The music is always upbeat and cheerful.

Islands Fitness is an adult facility with average ages running for the 30’s all the way to the 80’s. There is no daycare center, there are no mirrors on the walls, and there is no rap music.  Islands Fitness is not your typical fitness center.  The atmosphere is intimate. It’s social.  It’s friendly…..and it’s clean.

Are you an avid reader? Our members only book exchange library offers dozens of free books and magazines for the taking.

Like to play BINGO? We always have a game going that offers free prizes, gift baskets, and products.  There’s no charge for the game. Many of the prizes are made by or donated by our members.  Local businesses also offer free products.

Enjoy hiking? There’s usually a monthly hike that members can sign up for and explore the local trails around Prescott Valley.

Got something you want to sell? Post it on the members only bulletin board and get it sold to one of your fellow fitness members.

Islands Fitness is designed to make your exercise experience fun and yet relaxing. Those who are employed during the day find coming to Islands Fitness after a days work a healthy buffer between work and home.  They come in stressed and leave relaxed.  They find it is a much better way to greet their family when they return home.

Call today to arrange a tour and find out why so many people choose Islands Fitness as their sanctuary to staying healthy.

Clean fitness equipment