Life Coaching

Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and complicated.  It’s nice to know you have someone who can lend an ear as you work things out and get back on track.  That’s what a life coach is for.  He can perhaps make you look at life in a different way, a more positive way.

A life coach does not tell you how to live your life or fix your problems.

  • He simply asks questions.
  • You provide the answers.
  • If a question makes you think about a problem in a different way, perhaps now you have a different way of solving it.

A life coach makes you think.  A life coach will also make you accountable.

  • If you say you are going to do something to fix a problem, he will ask you how it’s going, what stopping you, what are the obstacles.
  • He’s your coach to make sure you do what you say needs to be done.
  • He wants you to be successful.
  • He’s on your side.

A life coach is also your cheerleader.

  • He encourages you to keep going and shares your victories when you overcome obstacles and break new ground.
  • He’s your biggest fan.

Who needs life coaching?  Anybody. Everybody.

The greatest athletes in the world all have coaches.  The greatest teams all have coaches.  In order to be great you need a coach.  Games may be challenging but what can be more challenging than life?  Life has more curve balls, more tackles, more competitors, and more obstacles than any game.  Why must we face it alone?  Those that choose to rise above these challenges admit to themselves that they can do better if they have a coach.  They can get to their goal faster if they have a coach.  They can reach goals they only dreamed about if they have a coach.

To secure a coach you need to make a commitment; to him and to yourself.  You need to make a commitment to be open and truthful.  You need to meet regularly and be on time.  You need to make a financial commitment also.

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About Islands Fitness Center

Create a healthy lifestyleIslands Fitness is a family run fitness center owned and operated by Gordon and Amy Barth.  Their love of the Hawaiian Islands inspired the name and theme of the facility.  A water fountain and wall sized mural of palm trees and a beach greets each member as they walk through the door.  Your Hawaiian shirts are welcome here.

The music playing throughout the facility is usually classic oldies from the 50’, 60’s, and 70’s.  Classic rock is mixed into round things out.  The music is always upbeat and cheerful.

Islands Fitness is an adult facility with average ages running for the 30’s all the way to the 80’s. There is no daycare center, there are no mirrors on the walls, and there is no rap music.  Islands Fitness is not your typical fitness center.  The atmosphere is intimate. It’s social.  It’s friendly…..and it’s clean.

Are you an avid reader? Our members only book exchange library offers dozens of free books and magazines for the taking.

Like to play BINGO? We always have a game going that offers free prizes, gift baskets, and products.  There’s no charge for the game. Many of the prizes are made by or donated by our members.  Local businesses also offer free products.

Enjoy hiking? There’s usually a monthly hike that members can sign up for and explore the local trails around Prescott Valley.

Got something you want to sell? Post it on the members only bulletin board and get it sold to one of your fellow fitness members.

Islands Fitness is designed to make your exercise experience fun and yet relaxing. Those who are employed during the day find coming to Islands Fitness after a days work a healthy buffer between work and home.  They come in stressed and leave relaxed.  They find it is a much better way to greet their family when they return home.

Call today to arrange a tour and find out why so many people choose Islands Fitness as their sanctuary to staying healthy.

Clean fitness equipment

Welcome to The Islands

In Islands, everything is simple

Clean cardio equipmentWelcome to Islands Fitness of Prescott Valley Arizona.

Our Hawaiian themed fitness center / gym / aerobics studio  is designed to make exercise fun and simple.

Choose between our easy to follow circuit workout, cardio equipment, group exercise classes, or our Whole Body Vibration machine.

If weight loss is your goal, our 30 day weight loss program will have you losing between 10 to 15 pounds.  Start losing weigh now and slowly begin a healthy exercise program as you lose your weight.

If strength training is your goal, our hydraulic equipment provides safe, effective resistance training to build strong muscles .  Our Strength Training classes and one on one Personal Training sessions will provide all the instruction and motivation you will need.

If bone density is your goal, our Whole Body Vibration machine along with our hydraulic resistance machines will provide the stimulation required to build strong bones.

If exercising in a non intimidating environment is your goal, Islands Fitness is not designed for body builders or athletes. It’s designed for everyday people who want to regain their ideal weight and improve their health.  The age our members span from the 30’s all the way up to the 80’s.

At Islands Fitness, we believe the only way you can safely choose a health club is to try it out before you become a member. That’s why we encourage every prospect to try our equipment, meet our members, meet our owners, and then decide if Islands Fitness is right for you.

Call today at 928-759-2271 and ask for a free trial membership.  Our fitness coach will review your medical condition, instruct you on the proper usage of the equipment, and explain to you our different membership options.

The Weight Loss Center

Lose 10 to 15 pounds a month

Islands Fitness offers a 30 day weight loss program.  The goal of most members is to lose weight, and exercise alone is not the answer.  In order to lose weight there must be a proper balance of diet, exercise, and motivation.

Are you ready to start?  Contact us today!

How to Find The Right Fitness Center

The best way to determine which local fitness center is best for you is to visit the facility.  Calling facilities and asking for prices without visiting the centers is like comparing apples to oranges.  You must first see for yourself what you are getting for your monthly dues.

Step 1: Call the facility to arrange a tour.

If you just drop in and expect a tour, many times the instructors are performing orientations, teaching classes, or meeting one on one with existing members.  In order to get 100% of an instructor’s time and attention, call to arrange a tour.  There’s absolutely no obligation. [Read more…]